GENRE:   Action / Adventure

LOCATION:   Shot entirely in Bataan, Philippines


Synopsis: During WWII the Imperial Japanese used Corregidor Island as a strategic point to keep Philippines and the entire Pacific region within striking distance. They also used Corregidor Island as an exchange point for any goods taken from conquered countries before their final destination to Tokyo.  The last days of the war, Japan started burying their stolen goods out of fear that the Allies would sink their ships en route to Tokyo.  Legend has it that a large amount of gold is still hidden at different parts of Corregidor Island but no one knows where exactly, until now.

Fast forward to present time, an important piece of a puzzle regarding the missing Japanese gold mysteriously arrives from the Philippines at TERRA GREEN’s home that she’s been in search of for many years.  She goes directly to her boss BRAD MASTERSON to assemble a team of treasure hunters and specialists to go on a dig funded by the KORS Group.  The team consists of KELLI DEAN, a surveyor and brilliant rock specialist along with the muscle of the crew ASTON SMITHPETER FRANKLIN joins the team as the head security of KORS and its spying eye. Founder and financier of the expedition, KERRI-ANNE KORS who doesn’t trust even her own mother decides to fly to Philippines to secure her investment and see for herself that the gold is found and safely transported.

A separate team of seasoned treasure hunters led by sisters RILEY CROSS and her younger sister BIBI CROSS both based in Manila are close to finding the gold themselves.  Their father has been searching for it for over 40 years and both has taken over the dig since his untimely death.  It’s their life mission to find the gold in honor of their father.  RIA JONES, the toughest of the group who got stuck in the Philippines when she was robbed from money and passport and nearly lost her life is their surveyor and digger working with them on commission to get herself out of the country. MICHAEL FORD is their right hand man and best friend protecting them as a promise to Riley and Bibi’s father, being in love with the younger sister.

Both teams are in two separate locations on Corregidor Island each believe that they are at the spot that marks X on the map.  They are at a race against each other and with time because word is spreading around locally about invading foreigners looking for gold, which will put all of them in danger from a corrupt Senator of Bataan Province.

THOMAS STEELE and LISA STEELE are a husband and wife mercenary team traveling the world living on stealing. They have done everything from taking over small grocery stores to bigger bank robberies. When temporarily hiding in Philippines they hear about the gold they start following both teams to steal from them and cash in.

Once the gold is found, greed takes over as two teams struggle with one another with the mercenaries on their back and a betrayed Kerri-Anne Kors wanting revenge.  The treasure hunters go through the jungles of the Philippines forced to hide the gold just as the Japanese did 70 years ago so that history goes full circle.